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CandyIncredible Gift Basket Collage

There is always someone on any gift giving list who is difficult to buy for. We stand there racking our brains trying to think of the perfect gift – something that will show them how much we care, put a smile on their face, be memorable, and maybe, just maybe, be talked about and remembered as a favorite. So, does this perfect gift exist for everyone? Even those who have absolutely everything?

At CandyIncredible, we like to think so! Everyone enjoys sweets and snacks. Mention a favorite item and there is often a story or a memory to go with it. Like walking to the corner store with their allowance to buy their favorite Gold Rocks Bubble Gum. Or the little boy sitting on granddad’s knee unwrapping a Storck Caramel. Or how Mom’s cure for a rainy day was to watch a movie and share a bag of Red Twists. Even just the aroma can bring back those perfect moments in time.

A well-thought out gift basket of favorite candy and snacks is a memorable present when you just don’t know what to buy. We offer gift baskets designed to entice any recipient – close friends and family or a business colleague. You can also customize a basket with all of the treats you know they’ll love.

Our website, www.candyincredible.com, is still under construction, but if you need a gift basket before they are available for order online, give us a call at 808.258.0201 and we’ll be happy to help you select the perfect one! An example for the chocoholic in your life would be the Everybody’s Dream Gift Basket – 6 Godiva Chocolate Bars (3.5oz), 3 Godiva Chocolate Pearls Tins (1.5oz), 2 Godiva Chocolate Fruit & Nut (8.5oz), and 3 Godiva Chocolate GEMS Truffles (4oz) for $99.

Whether it’s a chocoholics dream or a unique mixture of all kinds of candy, we can create something as one-of-a-kind as the person you give it to – without breaking the budget! Just let us know how much you want to spend and we can work within it.

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